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Great dentists, great facility, great people! Dr. Todd and Amy Kinney are incredible dentists that take into account your health as a whole and work with patients to have healthy teeth by looking at all aspects correlating to the mouth. My teeth have never been happier and I couldn't be happier working with such kind, resourceful, and knowledgeable people. They not only know the latest in medicine in orthodontics and dentistry, but to make sure that you know as well. I've never had a doctor in any field allow me to feel so involved and knowledgeable about my own treatment plan. I wish I knew a Dr. Kinney in all fields of medicine! I could not ask for a better dentist. If you want the best, you have to go to Dr. Todd and Amy Kinney.

The staff at Dr. Kinney's office continue to impress me. Always very professional and courteous. My cleaning went well and the status of my teeth was explained very clearly. Some issues I've been having were addressed and I appreciate the excellent services performed.

I am always impressed with the open warmth and kindness of each member of your office. There is a feeling of comfort in not only the people but the office itself - the furnishings, the colors of paint you've chosen, etc. There is a sense of calm and time which allows a patient to understand that their health, their comfort, their lives matter here. This dental office remembers that it is the whole person who is being cared for, not just a set of ivory with some pink tissue around it which needs to be moved through as quickly as possible so the next mouth can say ahhhhh. This attention to people and their ease can not be over stated. Dental treatment can feel so invasive and one can feel quite powerless as they lay prone beneath the glaring lights, unable to speak or even move for fear of needle like instruments in such sensitive areas causing significant pain and damage. For most of my life going to the dentist was something I did twice a year but with trepidation which always resulted in four deep moon shaped impressions in each palm from clenching my fists in fear or pain for the length of the appointment. Perhaps the strongest description of my appointments at Drs Kinney's offices is that I recognize my hands are laying comfortably open in my lap during the treatment.... no marks in my palms as I leave.

I am so thankful to have your office. You have taken the fear out of going to the dentist... After 40! Thanks for the amazing thorough job you do!

My experience with the dental hygienist yesterday was excellent! She used what seemed like the latest technology in pursuit of assuring my continued dental health. She was pleasant, professional and extremely informative. It is obvious she cares about her patients and makes every effort to get the patient involved to the greatest extent possible in their personal dental health practices. Good Job!

I have never experienced a dental office like this. I drove 3 hours and will continue to do so for the next 3 months to receive care for severe jaw issues. Dr. Todd and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and after 7 different therapies and 3 different mouth appliances from various Doctors, Dentists, and others in the medical field, Dr. Todd and his staff are finally able to find me some relief. I love the holistic approach as opposed to simply the MD aspect. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else for dentistry or TMJ issues again. I will continue to drive the 3 hours to get the awesome care I need.

I had an appointment with Dr. Todd this week and couldn't have been happier with my whole experience. Beautiful, comfortable office, very friendly staff and Dr. Todd was wonderful. We have found our family dentist. Thank you for making my visit so pleasant.

The care I received, from the moment I walked in the door to when I stepped out, was absolutely first class. Katy, the new hygenist, us such a wonderful addition to your team. I so appreciate your practice's commitment to preventive health.

The best experience going to the dentist EVER.